2 Bedroom Plus Loft Ocean View Condo

Hanalei Bay Resort, Condo 7307-08 — Princeville

20 reviews
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Owner/Manager: Vacation Realty Hawaii, LLC. License # RB-20297

Phone: (808) 822-0272

Email: Click here to send email

Tax ID: TA-161-119-4368-01

1.     This is a privately owned unit and guests are renting directly from the homeowners whose company name is VACATION REALTY HAWAII (as will appear on your credit card statement).   Therefore your reservation is non-transferable between other properties. 

          a.     This condominium is professionally managed by Vacation Realty Hawaii LLC (808) 822-0272.  

          b.     Your on-island contact is Graeme D. Merrin, RB, ABR, GRI (808) 651-7211. graeme@graememerrin.com

2.     Resort Fees: HANALEI BAY RESORT WILL CHARGE YOU $20 PER DAY FOR RESORT USAGE.  THIS INCLUDES  POOL TOWELS,AMENITIES AND WIFI. THERE ALSO IS A $6 PER DAY PARKING FEE PER CAR.  THE GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THESE CHARGES WHICH ARE DUE AT CHECKOUT.  Resorts that require “resort fees” for guests staying on the property solely make the decision on what the amount of the fees will be and it is out of the control of the owner of this property.  These fees are subject to change at anytime without notice and could change before your arrival and could be different than the original fee stated in your reservation.  We make every effort to communicate changes in fees as soon as we are notified.


3.     Amenities provided by third-party vendors (for example utility companies or subcontractors) are beyond our control.  We do our best to provide services such as cable television, internet, and resort telephones.  Should these be unavailable for part or all of your stay we will do our best to help restore services, but ultimately cannot be held responsible.  Should you absolutely require internet access we recommend you make arrangement for these services through a cell phone company.

4.     A $250 security deposit is required with this reservation and we will process a credit card authorization in that amount prior to your arrival.  This authorization will expire after your departure assuming no damages or fines are incurred.  A charge may result for damage to the condo, missing contents or for exceeding the stated number of overnight guests. If a guest arrives without notice earlier than the scheduled check in time of 3pm or fails to depart by the required 10am checkout time, their security deposit which is on hold will be charged in full.  Our units hold very busy time lines and the failure to leave on time can cost money and schedule disasters.  Likewise arriving earlier than scheduled can disrupt the busy cleaning flow, cause mishaps and confusions with the housekeeping staff.  Damage in excess of the $250.00 security deposit will additionally be charged to your credit card commensurate with such damage.  Guests are responsible for reporting any damages immediately to Graeme Merrin, at (808) 651-7211 or alohacondos@vacationrealtyhawaii.com

5.     The reservation deposit is nonrefundable; however if a cancellation is made more than 60 days prior to the check-in date, the full reservation deposit may be applied to a new set of reservation dates in the same condo beginning anytime up to one year from the original check-in date (subject to availability). Cancellations made within 30 days of the check-in date results in loss of all payments.


     1.     The regular occupancy for 7307/8 is 9.  The maximum occupancy for 7307/8 is 9.  Guests are obligated to disclose the actual number of occupants prior to arrival.

2.     We do our very best to have the units clean and in proper working order for your arrival.  Should there be any cleaning or maintenance problems please call your on-island contact at your first opportunity.  We require the opportunity to rectify any problems and will do so in a reasonable amount of time.

3.     At no time should anyone sleep on sofas other than sleeper sofas that are opened up and have sheets on them.

4.     A pack-n-play and booster seat are available at no extra charge, but must be requested via email to  alohacondos@vacationrealtyhawaii.com  at the time of booking or with reasonable notice prior to arrival.  If more than one is needed, it then will be up to the guest to rent one from a local rental company.

5.     Stays of more than 10 days have additional mandatory interim-cleaning.  For example if you stay for 11 nights you would have an interim and a final outclean.  If you stay for 21 nights you would have two interim cleans and one outclean.

6.      Check-in time is 3 PM and checkout time is 10 AM.  Please be certain to plan your arrival and departure times accordingly.   We have a very tight cleaning schedule and the housekeeper will likely arrive at 10:00 to begin the clean.  Extra charges may apply if you have not departed at 10:00 as we have to compensate the housekeeper for wait-time.  If you need an early check-in or late check-out we recommend you book an extra night.

7.     Cleaning fees are based on an average hourly cost.  If the condo is left excessively messy and it can’t be made rent-ready within the cost of the cleaning fee, guests will be charged $37.50/hr for the additional cleaning.

8.     Suntan lotions, after-sun lotions and related products leave bleach-like stains in fabrics.  Please be careful with our upholstery and bedspreads.  We use white towels and white sheets for this reason, but it is not practical to have white sofas and bedspreads.  Please shower before getting into bed, and please sit on a towel if you have sun products on your skin and you want to sit on the upholstery.  Wash hands thoroughly after applying sun products to avoid accidentally damaging fabrics.  Guests are responsible for damage to linens and upholstery from products they use.

9.     Smoking is strictly prohibited in the condo or on the condo lanai and doing so will result in full loss of security deposit.  We have covered lanais, so the smoke gets trapped and blows into the unit.  

10.   Air conditioning is available.  Please know that Kauai has the most expensive electricity on the island and condo electric bills run between $450 and $700 a month.  Please help us to conserve electricity and keep our rates down by turning off the a/c when you are not home, keeping blinds closed during the day to keep the condo cool, and keeping windows and sliding doors closed when you are running the a/c.

11.   We provide sheets for each bed and two bath towels per stated guest.  There is no daily housekeeping service, however you are welcome to use the washer/dryers in the units.  If you have an interim clean included with your reservation we will launder the linens during the clean.  Please do not leave personal laundry in the washer when housekeeping is coming for the interim clean.

12.   We also provide a reasonable amount of amenities such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, soaps and detergents for your use.  Should you run out, you are responsible for purchasing additional products for the duration of your stay, unless you have an interim clean at which time we will replenish those supplies.

13.   Please make sure that all towels, beach equipment and remotes are left behind at the condo when you depart.  Turn keys in to the front desk. We charge replacement costs for each lost item (cost of item, travel time & accounting).  Generally items are lost because they are left in the rental car, so please check your car carefully before you leave for the airport.

14.   No pets of any kind are allowed except for service animals.

15.   Keep indoor furniture indoors, and outdoor furniture outdoors.  There is a $50 fee if furniture needs to be moved back to its original place upon your departure.  For example, if you move a large glass table, the management company will have to hire someone to go help the housekeeper put it back.

16.   Hurricane or Storm Policy: No refund will be given unless a “mandatory evacuation order” has been given by the National Weather Service for Princeville and the surrounding area.  In the event a mandatory evacuation order is issued we will refund unused portions of rent of a guest currently occupying the property and any advanced rents or deposits collected for a guest that is scheduled to arrive during the Hurricane Warning period.

17.   GUESTS ARE RESPONSILBLE FOR FOLLOWING THE HOUSE RULES OF HANALEI BAY RESORT.  Violation of the rules can result in fines, and guests are responsible for paying those fines.  In severe cases if guests are permanently removed from the condo and from the grounds of HBR by the homeowner, property manager, resort management company or the police the guest will not be refunded for rent paid for unused nights, even if the guest is prohibited from returning to the property.

3.      Condominium living requires each resident to have respect for the needs and rights of others.  The main purpose of these rules is to provide for the enjoyment, comfort and safety of each owner and guest, to protect all the occupants at the resort from annoyance and nuisance caused by improper use of the common elements at HBR and to protect the value and desirability of HBR.

o    Conduct of Tenants & Guests

§  Owners are responsible for the conduct of their tenants & guests.  Owners unable to control the conduct of their tenants & guests shall, upon request of the board or managing agent, remove such persons from HBR.

o    Owner, Tenant and Guest RegistratioN

§  Guest registration at the front desk upon arrival at HBR is mandatory for all occupants.  Parking permits and pool towels will only be provided to registered occupants.  All occupants must check-out with the front desk upon departure.

o    AnimalS

§  No pets of any kind are permitted at HBR, with the exception of service animals for persons with disabilities.  

§  Feeding or caring for stray animals or wild birds anywhere at HBR is prohibited.

o    Grills

§  Outdoor grilling or cooking is only permitted on the grills owned by the association in designated areas (by the round pool).  

§  Grilling or cooking on lanais is strictly prohibited.  Because our lanais are covered an open flame creates a fire hazard and risks smoke damage to the interior of the unit.  An open flame on the lanai is a serious offense as it is dangerous and violates our insurance policies.  Likewise, purchasing any kind of cooking device such as a hot plate for the interior of the unit is also strictly prohibited.

o    Trash Disposal and Recycling

§  All garbage, rubbish and trash must be properly bagged and placed at designated areas in the resort.  HBR is not responsible for the disposal of appliances, furniture or other large items from owner units.

o    Drugs

§  The illegal presence, possession or use of non-prescription drugs or other controlled substances is not permitted anywhere at HBR.

o    Noise

§  All owners and guests shall avoid excessive or disturbing noise of any kind at all times.  Quiet hours are in effect including but not limited to, lanais from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  All radios, televisions, stereos, musical instruments or other music must be played at a reduced volume inside the condos during these quiet hours so as not to disturb other occupants.  Construction hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.  Excessive or disturbing noise of any kind at any time should be reported to the General Manager.

o    Appearance of Lanais

§  Lanai areas shall be kept in a neat, attractive and sanitary condition.  No objects are to be hung on the railings.  At no time should any debris or water be swept from upper level lanais onto lower level units.

o    No Smoking Policy

§  The board has adopted Hawaii’s “Smoke Free Law” for all of HBR.

§  Smoking is prohibited in all areas on the grounds and in and around the buildings including: all open areas such as lawn areas, tennis courts, the hot tub area and the swimming pool areas and all enclosed areas or partially enclosed areas including but not limited to all lanais. 

§  The only exception to this rule will be any areas designated as smoking areas which will be identified by appropriate signage. 

§  Violation of this rule shall be subject to the enforcement provisions of HBR and may also result in the imposition of any applicable penalty provisions set forth in Hawaii’s “Smoke Free Law”.

o    Parking

§  Registering your vehicle with the front desk is mandatory and you must display the proper parking permit at all times

§  No vehicle shall be parked or left unattended except in designated parking stalls.  Vehicles parked in handicapped parking stalls must display a current handicap placard.

§  Damage to vehicles and other objects shall be the responsibility of the person causing the damage and the owner.  

§  Violators of any of the above parking regulations shall have their vehicles towed away or immobilized at their own expense. 

o    Safety

§  Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, mopeds, rollerblades or other wheeled objects are not to be ridden on the walkways.  Walk your bikes to the unit.

§  Anyone found tampering with fire equipment or ventilation systems will be subject to criminal charges and/or be liable for repairs, replacement or damages caused to the building or personal property.

§  Every owner, tenant, and guest hereby grants a right of entry to any persons authorized by the General Manager in the event of an emergency originating in or threatening a Unit, whether or not the occupant is present at the time. 

§  No flammable or hazardous materials such as gasoline, kerosene or explosive materials or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property or the presence of which may increase HBR’s hazard or liability insurance premiums shall be stored in Owner storage closets or in Units. 

o    Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

§  Hours are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  

§  Trespassers shall be fined up to $200 and removed from the premises.

§  There are no lifeguards on duty.  

§  Use of pools and hot tub is at your own risk. 

§  A responsible adult must accompany children under 12 when using the pools or hot tub.  

§  Appropriate swimwear is required.  Swim diapers required for children not yet potty trained.  

§  Children under 5 are not permitted in the hot tub at any time.

§  Swimming aids will be allowed in swim areas with adult supervision and should not interfere with other people’s use of the pool.

§  No climbing is allowed on the rocks in the pool or hot tub area.

§  There shall be no running, diving, pushing or spitting in or around pool or hot tub or grounds around the pool.

§  Game playing should not interfere with others use of the pools, create a safely hazard or create noise in the pool area.

§  The general manager has the right to determine if pool conduct is objectionable.

§  Use of the swimming pools and hot tub is limited to occupants of the units at HBR.  A limited number of guest passes may be issued at the front desk.

§  No smoking in or around pools or hot tub area.

§  No glass containers allowed.  All beverages are to be in plastic containers

§  Towels are available at the pool activity center or from the front desk and must be returned before additional towels may be received and no later than at check-out.  Unreturned towels are subject to a charge upon check-out.

o    Infractions against rules shall be punishable in the following manner

§  First offense: written notice shall be given informing the violator of the offense and requesting that they immediately curtail such action

§  Second offense: a second offense is a $150.00 fine and request that they immediately curtail such offense.

§  Third offense: onward incremental increases of fines of up to $1000.00 at the discretion of the General Manager, with a review by the Board of Directors, will be given for each repeated offense until such action is curtailed.


What a wonderful place to stay! The fantastic views and luxurious living quarters made for an excellent stay. It is spacious, comfortable and relaxing. Not to mention the incredible views you have, which hosts some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. The location is wonderful and centrally located to amazing beaches, attractions and activities. It is an perfect paradise getaway, with everything you need close by! I would love to come back here and I would highly recommend this to a friend!

A FlipKey verified reviewer from San Francisco
View - Condo 7307 08, Hanalei Bay Resorthttps://youtu.be/-gQJ_J6CbWo

1850 sq. ft. | 2 Bedroom Plus Loft | 2 Bath | Sleeps 9

  • Share this Rental
  • One of the Best Locations in the Resort
  • Dramatic & Beautiful Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • Unobstructed Mountain and Hanalei Bay Views
  • Lush Grounds & Waterscapes
  • Paved Pathway to Beach
  • Wifi Included in Resort Fee 

Features & Amenities


  • 2017 — Complete Remodel
  • New Kitchen
  • New Paint
  • New Carpeting
  • New Furniture
  • New Bathroom
  • New Cabinets
  • New Countertops
  • New Appliances
  • New Flooring


  • Beach View
  • Ocean View


  • Air Conditioning
  • Kitchen - Full
  • Laundry - In Unit
  • Laundry - Onsite
  • Pool - Shared (2)
  • Hot Tub - Shared
  • Linens Provided
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap
  • Paper Towels, Tissues, TP
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Parking - $ Fee — Parking is 6 dollars per night paid directly to the resort
  • Parking - Off Street


  • King Bed (2) — one in each bedroom
  • Queen Bed (2) — in loft
  • Sleeper Chair — single size in 2nd bedroom
  • Pack 'n play — needs to be requested
  • Sleeping Loft


  • Internet - Wireless [$ Fee] — included in the resort fee paid directly to the resort
  • Answering Machine


  • Tennis Courts (8)
  • Surfing - Nearby
  • Golfing Nearby
  • Beach - 5 Min Walk
  • Restaurant - 10 Min Walk
  • Snorkeling - 5 Min Walk


  • Lanai/Balcony (2) — Table & Chairs
  • BBQ Grill [Gas/Electric] - Shared (4)


  • Cooking Utensils Provided
  • Refrigerator - Full Size
  • Refrigerator - Bar Size
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Ice Maker
  • Blender
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • High Chair — upon request


  • TV - No HDTV (2)
  • DVD (2)
  • Boogie Board (4)
  • Beach Chair (4)
  • Beach Towels — provided by resort
  • Cooler - Ice Chest (2)


  • Family-Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Honeymoon Spot
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Smoking Not Allowed


Room Descriptions




  • Spacious & Private
  • Dining Seating
  • Incredible Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • Sliding Door Access from Living Room

Entry Area

  • Private Entry from 3rd Floor Landing to Condo

Living Room

  • Hawaiiana Furnishings
  • Love Seat
  • Occasional Chair
  • Coffee Table
  • End Tables & Reading Lamps
  • Large Flat Screen TV with DVD Player
  • Internet Access (included in resort fee)
  • Large Glass Sliders to Lanai
  • Dramatic & Beautiful Bali Hai & Ocean Views

Dining Area

  • Dining Room Seating for 4
  • Additional Dining Seating on Large Lanai
  • Beautiful Ocean Views While Dining


  • Large Kitchen with Full Size Appliances
  • Tiled Floors
  • Tiled Counters
  • Cookware
  • Serveware
  • Glassware
  • Full Place Settings for 6
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender




  • Spacious Loft over Living Area
  • 2 Queen Size Beds

Master Bedroom

  • Beautiful & Comfortable King Size
  • Direct Access to Lanai
  • Fantastic Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • 2 Night Stands with Reading Lamps
  • Dresser
  • Occasional Chair
  • Sofa Sleeper - Twin Size

Master Bedroom Lanai

  • Private Lanai Access from Master Bedroom
  • Large Glass Slider Door
  • Dining Seating for 2
  • Incredible Bali Hai Ocean Views

Master Bedroom Lanai View

master bedroom lanai view

Master Bathroom

  • Light & Spacious
  • Full Size Tub/Shower
  • Large Vanity with Full Mirror
  • Tiled Floors
  • Full Towel Set for Each Guest

Second Bedroom

  • Beautiful & Comfortable King Size Canopy Bed
  • Direct Access to Private Lanai
  • Incredible Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • 2 Night Stands with Reading Lamps
  • Dresser & Occasional Chair
  • Mircowave, Mini-Fridge & Coffeee Maker

Second Bedroom Lanai View

second bedroom lanai view

Second Bathroom

  • Light & Bright
  • Full Size Combination Tub/Shower
  • Large Vanity with Full Size Mirror
  • Tiled Floors
  • Full Towels Sets for Each Guest





View Second Bedroom

  • Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • Hanalei Bay Views
  • Sunset Views
  • Lush Grounds

View Living Room

  • Bali Hai Ocean Views
  • Hanalei Bay Views
  • Sunset Views
  • Lush Grounds



Spring break retreat

Reviewed by K Meghan

Date 03/30/2019

We greatly enjoyed our stay at this condo, which is well suited for a family with 2 king bed rooms and bathrooms plus kitchen, dining, and living areas. The two queen beds upstairs in the loft were perfect for our boys. It is very nicely appointed with modern appliances and comfortable furnishings. We also appreciated the beach toys and chairs made available in the front closet. My only and greatest complaint is that even though we took great care of the condo during our stay by keeping it clean, the property manager still decided to charge against our deposit claiming that it took more than usual time to clean. We felt this was unfair and unwarranted given that there was nothing damaged or unusual to clean. Beware of this property because they may try to unfairly keep your security deposit for ordinary cleaning services.

Manager Response

Aloha Meghan,

Thank you for taking the time to send in your comments in response to our request for the unit 7307/8 at the Hanalei Bay Resort. We are glad you enjoyed the condo and all it had to offer and you found it to be updated and very accommodating.

Regarding your comments about the extra cleaning fees, we do give a good portion of time allotted to clean this unit. Our staff did inform us of the extra time needed to complete this condo after your departure over and beyond the normal. Our policies do state that if the clean takes longer then the alloted time, a charge will apply accordingly. With the multiple condos we represent and this policy applying to all of them, it is very rare that we have to apply this fee. Because it is extremely rare, we feel charging the guest individually is what is fair instead of raising the standard cleaning fee for all guests that leave the condo in the standard condition.We might also mention that only a small portion of the security deposit was retained and the rest released as scheduled.

Most beautiful view

Reviewed by Kevin

Date 06/20/2018

This condo was perfect for us and our four teenage granddaughters. The units were very clean and inviting. The upstairs loft was great for the girls and the bedrooms were large and bright. The view was the best, with beautiful sunsets and early morning rainbows. It is close to the small pool and bbq area, so that was handy. The walk up to the large pool and parking lot was a bit of a hike, but the staff will come pick you up in a golf cart. Our only complaint was the lack of lounger or comfortable chairs on the lanai. Instead there are tall tables with high seats, not very comfortable for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view. Maybe this is something the owimay consider changing. Unit has been recently upgraded and we would definitely return to this property. This was our fourth trime staying at HBR and it is definitely our favorite property on Kauai.

Manager Response

Aloha Kevin,

Thank you for review and all the kind words about the unit 7307-08 at the Hanalei Bay Resort.

It is a wonderful condo and with the more recent remodel, it is stunning!  You are right about the incredible views too!

The owner is in the process of purchasing some loungers for the lanais.  The high table that exist are desired too because it put you in the sight line over the railing.  

We do hope you can return again and enjoy the condo!


Reviewed by John S

Date 06/11/2018

Nicely appointed, updated and spacious condo! Top level unit made for great views of Hanalei Bay.

Not a big deal but there were a couple minor issues with unit (TV/Cable was not working and shower curtain in one of the bathrooms would not stay up).

We will definitely consider staying here again if we return to Kauai in future

Manager Response

Aloha John,

Thank you for your review for the unit 7307/08 at the Hanalei Bay Resort.  

This unit is beautifully appointed and was remodeled in Dec of 2016 from top to bottom plus the loft being added to allow for more usable space!

As you mention the views are indescribable and are what memories are made of.

We wish you would have called us about the TV cable as it is in working order.  The cable remote and the TV remote both have to be used and sometimes it needs to be reset.  We could have helped you with that as well as the shower curtain.  The tension shower rods only take a twist of the rod to apply the correct pressure to keep the rod in place.   We could have adjusted that for you also if you would have let us know.  We are here to help with anything that might come up.

We are happy to hear you would like to return and we certainly hope you will.

Ohana Celebration Trip (graduations)

Reviewed by Kelly

Date 07/05/2016

The location ("Banana" building), and views towards Hanalei Bay and the Pacific Ocean were wonderful.

The unit is in need of repairs (bedroom drawers, screen doors, bathroom door, etc). It's a unit that has probably had the same carpet and furnishings for a long period of time.

That said...the resort, location, & views are something we are looking forward to coming back to. This place needs some things fixed and some refurbishing, but it didn't bother us much. We had a great time.

Manager Response


Thank you for posting your review and expressing your desire to come back.   The good news is that this unit has been completely renovated from top to bottom!  The transformation is amazing!  New furnishing, new paint, new interior paint, new trim and interior doors, new floors, a brand new kitchen, and bathrooms as well as an expansion of the space with a loft that was added.  All of this and the incredible views remain the cherry on top!

Please do come back and you will be amazed!!!

Loved it

Reviewed by Kelly

Date 11/23/2015

We loved this resort so much that we returned six months later and brought our family. The grounds are beautiful, pool and hot tub fantastic, love the waterfalls, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Both condos we stayed in had fantastic views of the bay and mountains and with ever changing weather and sunsets you never get tired of looking. We love the option every day of walking down to the beach to swim, snorkel, kayak, or take a short drive for good boogie board waves. I'm planning a trip back as soon as I can. We look forward to the new pool bar and restaurant!

Manager Response



Thank you for the glowing review for the Hanalei Bay Resort unit 7307/08.  This unit does have very special views of the mountains, the bay and the ocean.  Of course the sunsets from the lanai are an added bonus.  The third floor level just opens up that views even more.  The resort is in a perfect location and with the direct beach access it makes it special above other Princeville accommodations.  



We hope to see you in the near future!

Awesome Hanalei Bay Resort Unit

Reviewed by Eric Shearer

Date 12/05/2013

We met the owners of this unit on a previous visit to the resort and they invited us to see their unit. We loved the unit and the views and booked our next trip to their unit. The views of Hanalei Bay and the mountains are breathtaking! The property has 2 pools and many activities as well as it is only minutes to 2 of the best golf courses on Kauai. The unit is very well furnished and has a washer and dryer. The unit even has beach gear including snorkel equipment. The owners also made the booking very easy and were very accommodating and followed up with us upon our arrival to make sure everything was satisfactory. We would definitely recommend booking this unit because of the location, views and the hospitality of the owners.

Beautiful View of Hanalei Bay

Reviewed by H. Simpson

Date 06/17/2013

We stayed in HBR #7307 - 8 from June 7th 0 13, 2013. From the first moment we walked thru the door and saw the magnificant views of Hanalei Bay and the mountains, we loved the place, especially the lanai. The unit(s) was comfortable and had great beach toys such as snorkels, coolers, beach towels, fins, chairs, etc. so we didn't have to rent those. While the unit hasn't been upgraded, it was "beach" comfortable and the beds were also comfortable. Unit was also very clean and quiet. Location is near the second pool and the main pool and tennis courts were a short walk away. We would definitely stay in this unit again.

A condo with a heavenly view awaits you here.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 03/26/2013

We had a wonderful, relaxing time staying at this condo. It was so large and roomy, and we spent hours lounging on the lanai enjoying the amazing view. Everything was very comfortable- from the furnishings, to the beach accessories, to the wonderful movie collection, and the well stocked kitchen. We loved falling asleep at night to the sound of the ocean, while the cool breeze drifted through the screen. The resort is just beautiful, and we would love to visit again one day. It truly is a slice of heaven.

What a View!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 03/01/2013

We spent four nights in this HBR property perched on the Princeville Bluffs. It's a lovely, spacious, comfortable vacation rental with *unparalleled* views of Bali Hai. Situated on the top floor of the building, the condo was quiet and peaceful. It's decorated in the "Island Style:" large, comfortable bamboo furniture, classic Hawaiian knick-knacks, roomy four-poster beds. There's even a darling silk palm tree in the living room! The kitchen is well-appointed, allowing us to cook and dine "at home" during our stay -- there's nothing like getting fresh fish to grill on one of the outdoor barbecues situated near the unit. The owners have provided lots of amenities, including beach gear and tennis rackets. Our favorite activity was lounging on the lanai, sipping wine, nibbling on pupus, and watching the sunset over Bali Hai. Compared with the expensive neighboring hotel boasting the same views, this condo was a fabulous bargain. The morning we left, the sight of a double rainbow over Hanalei Bay made us want to stay on Kauai forever!

Had a great week in a room with an unbeatable view at a great re

Reviewed by George

Date 03/27/2012

Unit clean on arrival w all items we needed for the week. Little touches appreciated, sand toys, snorkel masks,folding beach chairs there to use -thanks. Check in easy, loved the view. Comfortable units. Only down side was carpet in living room - original from 90's, uncomfortamBle to sit on.

Manager Response

Thank you for staying in our condo. We are glad you enjoyed all our special efforts to provide everything to make your stay wonderful. Yes the views from the lanai of Hanalei Bay are incredible!
Our carpet is a natural sisal, recently chosen to lend that tropical island feel. We provide wonderful & comfortable couches, divans and chaises for sitting, lounging, watching movies filmed on Kauai, or just gazing at the beautiful view.

We hope you will stay again.
Holly Laughlin, owner


Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 01/18/2011

well laid out condo with everything we needed and great service from the resort staff

Awesome Stay in Condo at Hanalei Bay Resort

Reviewed by NormS

Date 01/04/2011

We made reservations with Chuck to stay in one of the condos that were left online for the Christmas 2010 season. After being told by all other places that we needed at 7 night minimum, we finally came across this condo. Chuck was awesome. I did however have reservations about why this one was not booked even after looking at the great photos online. However, once we got to Hanalei Bay Resort and into the condo, wow, it was totally awesome!! We had two rooms, 7307 and 7308. It was large enough for our family of 6, had a great view of the Bay, clean, furniture was fantastic. There was even bookie boards, snorkeling gear, chairs, and even a foam ice chest. Our whole family was very very happy with the condo and the resort. We would definitly go back there in a heart beat and recommend the condo and Hanalei Bay Resort to everyone.

Nice place with old cottage feel, but dirty apon arrival.

Reviewed by sheeple3

Date 11/07/2010

Positives: This condo is large, has a very nice view of Bali Hai and the sunset every night, has a kind of cottage/cabin feel.

Negatives: The one complaint about the staff, condo owner, or manager? (i'm not sure whose responsibility this would fall on) would be, we checked in early (which may have been part of the reason, but shouldn't have mattered) but our room definitely wasn't cleaned for a long time. If any they did the bare minimum. There was sand everywhere near the entrance, a dead 6" centipede behind the blinds, mirrors and windows had greasy hand and face marks, the balcony was definitely not swept, the netting above the bead had a lot of dust and dead bugs. We spent our entire first night there cleaning in order to feel comfortable staying there. So this definitely was not the good first impression we we're hoping for after staying in a beautiful new place in Maui the week prior.

I would recommend it but make sure it's been cleaned properly, and complain if not. We never did because we could easily just clean it to meet our standards in the same amount of time. Hopefully this changes for future renters of this condo.

Manager Response

We are so sorry, and apologize for the huge inconvenience, but only wish you had called to report the problem. Maid services always check a unit and do a cleaning when the unit has been empty for a period prior to the new booking. Since the guests had checked in early, the maids subsequently did not disturb the guests.

Again, our apologies, and we have set safeguards in order to prevent this occurrence in the future.


Holly Laughlin, Owner, Hanalei Bay Resort, Condo 7307-08

Another perfect stay at Hanalei Bay!

Reviewed by Natalie

Date 09/13/2010

This is our second year renting this condo at Hanalei Bay Resort, and it was even better than we had remembered! You have the best view of Hanalei Bay and a Bali Hai sunset on the property! The condo itself is impeccably clean and tastefully decorated, with enough tables and chairs on the balcony for the whole family to enjoy. Located right next to the peaceful round pool and the updated outdoor kitchen and grill area--perfect for an evening dip and BBQ (pick up the fresh fish downtown at the Dolphin)! We tell all our family and friends, if you're going to Kauai, this is the place to stay! We'll be visiting again next year.

Fantastic vacation spot and amazing views!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 08/29/2010

What a wonderful place to stay! The fantastic views and luxurious living quarters made for an excellent stay. It is spacious, comfortable and relaxing. Not to mention the incredible views you have, which hosts some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. The location is wonderful and centrally located to amazing beaches, attractions and activities. It is an perfect paradise getaway, with everything you need close by! I would love to come back here and I would highly recommend this to a friend!

Breathtaking Sunsets of Bali Hai every evening

Reviewed by lcroy

Date 08/23/2010

The views are beyond imaginable and the condo has every necessity we could think of. The condo was so well maintained and clean. The decorations were tasteful and complemented the Hawaiian spirit! I can not think of a single complaint regarding this condo. The view of Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai are seriously unbelievable! Sunsets only got better each night we stayed here! Thanks for the wonderful vacation stay! Definitely returning!!

Unplug and gaze at the Bay and rainbows

Reviewed by Terrill Korell

Date 07/25/2010

If you are looking for action and entertainment, do not come here. If you want to relax and unwind in beauty and quietness, unpack your bags and enjoy. The remotenessand tranquility was perfect juju for us. It is with mixed feelings I have that the Resort is hurting by not having a dining and bar available - but it really keeps it all less active and quiet (a good thing !) I just cannot say enough about the quietness - except for the Kauai offical bird...The units are comfortable and well-equipped, with exceptional ambience. The staff are very accomodating and eager to please. These units are an exceptional value and are bargain priced for everything you get. We will be back!!!

Spectacular View of Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 08/07/2009

From the moment we walked into the condo, we knew it was spectacular. The view from the Lanai overlooking the mountains of Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay was just spectacular.

The condo was very well equipped with beach towels, snorkeling gear, beach equipment, tennis rackets and all the kitchen supplies.

All the family loved the beautiful pool and tennis courts. The Happy Talk Lounge was perfect for evening glasses of wine overlooking Bali Hai.

Thank you very much. We had a wonderful time.


gorgeous views, but dated resort

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 08/06/2009

The condo was very nice, with fantastic views of Hanalei Bay. It was well equipped and comfortable. The resort had some issues, the small pool near the condo was not usable, the spa was broken, the restaurant and bar were closed for renovations and the beach was not very nice and right next to ongoing renovation/construction at the neighboring Princeville hotel.

Manager Response

Thank you for your review and staying in our lovely condo.

We are sorry that the small pool and spa were not usable during your stay. They are now repaired and working. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We do hope you enjoyed the other large tropical pool at the resort with waterfalls.

The Happy Talk Lounge was re-opened on July 13, 2009, but the restaurant is still closed.

The major renovation of the Princeville Hotel converting it to a luxurious St. Regis Hotel is scheduled to be complete in October 2009.

The NE corner of the two-mile crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay Beach that we share with the Princeville St Regis Hotel is great for snorkeling, swimming, exploring, and relaxing. In October 2009, it will return to the incredible beauty that earned it the #1 spot on "Dr. Beach" Stephen P. Leatherman's 2009 list of top 10 beaches. He has compiled the list annually since 1991.

Great retreat. Wonderful views.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 05/20/2009

This rental was spectacular. The location is minutes from Hanalei Bay and the ocean. It is a nice resort and the unit has everything you could want: well stocked kitchen, comfortable bed, great view from the lanai, videos and books that feature the area, tennis courts, a beautiful pool and spa and much more. The resort will drive you to your car if you request a golf cart, so you don't have to exert yourself too much. I loved it and highly recommend it.



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