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Hanalei Bay Resort, Condo 6304 — Princeville

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Owner/Manager: Vacation Realty Hawaii, LLC. License # RB-20297

Phone: (808) 822-0272

Email: Click here to send email

Tax ID: TA-166-986-9568-01

    1. This is a privately owned unit and guests are renting directly from the homeowners whose company name is Hanalei Vista Condos (as will appear on your credit card statement).   Therefore your reservation is non-transferable between other properties. 
      1. This condominium is professionally managed by Vacation Realty Hawaii LLC (808) 822-0272.  
      2. Your  on-island contact is Graeme D. Merrin, RB, ABR, GRI (808) 651-7211. 
    2. Resort Fees: HANALEI BAY RESORT WILL CHARGE YOU $20 PER DAY FOR RESORT USAGE.  THIS INCLUDES  POOL TOWELS,AMENITIES AND WIFI. THERE ALSO IS A $6 PER DAY PARKING FEE PER CAR.  THE GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THESE CHARGES WHICH ARE DUE AT CHECKOUT. Resorts that require “resort fees” for guests staying on the property solely make the decision on what the amount of the fees will be and it is out of the control of the owner of this property.  These fees are subject to change at anytime without notice and could change before your arrival and could be different than the original fee stated in your reservation.  We make every effort to communicate changes in fees as soon as we are notified.
    3. Per County regulations, the lockoff units no longer have cooking appliances.  Even though you may have had them in the past, they are no longer available and this is beyond our control.
    4. Amenities provided by third-party vendors (for example utility companies or subcontractors) are beyond our control.  We do our best to provide services such as cable television, fee-based internet, and resort telephones.  Should these be unavailable for part or all of your stay we will do our best to help restore services, but ultimately cannot be held responsible.  Should you absolutely require internet access we recommend you make arrangement for these services through a cell phone company.
  • A $250 security deposit is required with this reservation and we will process a credit card authorization in that amount prior to your arrival.  This authorization will expire after your departure assuming no damages or fines are incurred.  A charge may result for damage to the condo, missing contents or for exceeding the stated number of overnight guests. If a guest arrives without notice earlier than the scheduled check in time of 3pm or fails to depart by the required 10am checkout time, their security deposit which is on hold will be charged in full.  Our units hold very busy time lines and the failure to leave on time can cost money and schedule disasters.  Likewise arriving earlier than scheduled can disrupt the busy cleaning flow, cause mishaps and confusions with the housekeeping staff.  Damage in excess of the $250.00 security deposit will additionally be charged to your credit card commensurate with such damage.  Guests are responsible for reporting any damages immediately to Graeme Merrin, at (808) 651-7211 or
  • The reservation deposit is nonrefundable; however if a cancellation is made more than 60 days prior to the check-in date, the full reservation deposit may be applied to a new set of reservation dates in the same condo beginning anytime up to one year from the original check-in date (subject to availability). Cancellations made within 30 days of the check-in date results in loss of all payments.
  • The regular occupancy for 6303 is 6.  The regular occupancy for unit6304 is 2.  The regular occupancy for 6303/04 is 8. Guests are obligated to disclose the actual number of occupants prior to arrival.
  • We do our very best to have the units clean and in proper working order for your arrival.  Should there be any cleaning or maintenance problems please call your on-island contact at your first opportunity.  We require the opportunity to rectify any problems and will do so in a reasonable amount of time.
  • At no time should anyone sleep on sofas other than sleeper sofas that are opened up and have sheets on them.
  • A pack-n-play and high chair are available at no extra charge, but must be requested via email to  at the time of booking or with reasonable notice prior to arrival.  If more than one is needed, it then will be up to the guest to rent one from a local rental company.
  • Stays of more than 10 days have additional mandatory interim-cleaning.  For example if you stay for 11 nights you would have an interim and a final outclean.  If you stay for 21 nights you would have two interim cleans and one outclean.
  • Check-in time is 3 PM and checkout time is 10 AM.  Please be certain to plan your arrival and departure times accordingly.   We have a very tight cleaning schedule and the housekeeper will likely arrive at 10:00 to begin the clean.  Extra charges may apply if you have not departed at 10:00 as we have to compensate the housekeeper for wait-time.  If you need an early check-in or late check-out we recommend you book an extra night.

  • Cleaning fees are based on an average hourly cost.  If the condo is left excessively messy and it can’t be made rent-ready within the cost of the cleaning fee, guests will be charged $37.50/hr for the additional cleaning.
  • Suntan lotions, after-sun lotions and related products leave bleach-like stains in fabrics.  Please be careful with our upholstery and bedspreads.  We use white towels and white sheets for this reason, but it is not practical to have white sofas and bedspreads.  Please shower before getting into bed, and please sit on a towel if you have sun products on your skin and you want to sit on the upholstery.  Wash hands thoroughly after applying sun products to avoid accidentally damaging fabrics.  Guests are responsible for damage to linens and upholstery from products they use.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the condo or on the condo lanai and doing so will result in full loss of security deposit.  We have covered lanais, so the smoke gets trapped and blows into the unit.  
  • Air conditioning is available.  Please know that Kauai has the most expensive electricity on the island and condo electric bills run between $450 and $700 a month.  Please help us to conserve electricity and keep our rates down by turning off the a/c when you are not home, keeping blinds closed during the day to keep the condo cool, and keeping windows and sliding doors closed when you are running the a/c.
  • We provide sheets for each bed and two bath towels per stated guest.  There is no daily housekeeping service, but you are welcome to use the washer/dryer in the unit if you are renting 6303 or 6303/04.  If you are renting 6304 only, you are welcome to use the coin operated washers by the 8000 building. If you have an interim clean included with your reservation we will launder the linens during the clean.  Please do not leave personal laundry in the washer when housekeeping is coming for the interim clean.
  • We also provide a reasonable amount of amenities such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, soaps and detergents for your use.  Should you run out, you are responsible for purchasing additional products for the duration of your stay, unless you have an interim clean at which time we will replenish those supplies.
  • Please make sure that all towels, beach equipment and remotes are left behind at the condo when you depart.  Turn keys in to the front desk. We charge replacement costs for each lost item (cost of item, travel time & accounting).  Generally items are lost because they are left in the rental car, so please check your car carefully before you leave for the airport.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed except for service animals.
  • Keep indoor furniture indoors, and outdoor furniture outdoors.  There is a $50 fee if furniture needs to be moved back to its original place upon your departure.  For example, if you move a large glass table, the management company will have to hire someone to go help the housekeeper put it back.
  • Hurricane or Storm Policy: No refund will be given unless a “mandatory evacuation order” has been given by the National Weather Service for Princeville and the surrounding area.  In the event a mandatory evacuation order is issued we will refund unused portions of rent of a guest currently occupying the property and any advanced rents or deposits collected for a guest that is scheduled to arrive during the Hurricane Warning period.
  • GUESTS ARE RESPONSILBLE FOR FOLLOWING THE HOUSE RULES OF HANALEI BAY RESORT.  Violation of the rules can result in fines, and guests are responsible for paying those fines.  In severe cases if guests are permanently removed from the condo and from the grounds of HBR by the homeowner, property manager, resort management company or the police the guest will not be refunded for rent paid for unused nights, even if the guest is prohibited from returning to the property.





Condominium living requires each resident to have respect for the needs and rights of others.  The main purpose of these rules is to provide for the enjoyment, comfort and safety of each owner and guest, to protect all the occupants at the resort from annoyance and nuisance caused by improper use of the common elements at HBR and to protect the value and desirability of HBR.

  • Conduct of Tenants & Guests
    • Owners are responsible for the conduct of their tenants & guests.  Owners unable to control the conduct of their tenants & guests shall, upon request of the board or managing agent, remove such persons from HBR.
  • Owner, Tenant and Guest Registration
    • Guest registration at the front desk upon arrival at HBR is mandatory for all occupants.  Parking permits and pool towels will only be provided to registered occupants.  All occupants must check-out with the front desk upon departure.
  • Animals
    • No pets of any kind are permitted at HBR, with the exception of service animals for persons with disabilities.  
    • Feeding or caring for stray animals or wild birds anywhere at HBR is prohibited.
  • Grills
    • Outdoor grilling or cooking is only permitted on the grills owned by the association in designated areas (by the round pool).  
    • Grilling or cooking on lanais is strictly prohibited.  Because our lanais are covered an open flame creates a fire hazard and risks smoke damage to the interior of the unit.  An open flame on the lanai is a serious offense as it is dangerous and violates our insurance policies.  Likewise, purchasing any kind of cooking device such as a hot plate for the interior of the unit is also strictly prohibited.
  • Trash Disposal and Recycling
    • All garbage, rubbish and trash must be properly bagged and placed at designated areas in the resort.  HBR is not responsible for the disposal of appliances, furniture or other large items from owner units.
  • Drugs
    • The illegal presence, possession or use of non-prescription drugs or other controlled substances is not permitted anywhere at HBR.
  • Noise
    • All owners and guests shall avoid excessive or disturbing noise of any kind at all times.  Quiet hours are in effect including but not limited to, lanais from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  All radios, televisions, stereos, musical instruments or other music must be played at a reduced volume inside the condos during these quiet hours so as not to disturb other occupants.  Construction hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.  Excessive or disturbing noise of any kind at any time should be reported to the General Manager.
  • Appearance of Lanais
    • Lanai areas shall be kept in a neat, attractive and sanitary condition.  No objects are to be hung on the railings.  At no time should any debris or water be swept from upper level lanais onto lower level units.
  • No Smoking Policy
    • The board has adopted Hawaii’s “Smoke Free Law” for all of HBR.
    • Smoking is prohibited in all areas on the grounds and in and around the buildings including: all open areas such as lawn areas, tennis courts, the hot tub area and the swimming pool areas and all enclosed areas or partially enclosed areas including but not limited to all lanais. 
    • The only exception to this rule will be any areas designated as smoking areas which will be identified by appropriate signage. 
    • Violation of this rule shall be subject to the enforcement provisions of HBR and may also result in the imposition of any applicable penalty provisions set forth in Hawaii’s “Smoke Free Law”.
  • Parking
    • Registering your vehicle with the front desk is mandatory and you must display the proper parking permit at all times
    • No vehicle shall be parked or left unattended except in designated parking stalls.  Vehicles parked in handicapped parking stalls must display a current handicap placard.
    • Damage to vehicles and other objects shall be the responsibility of the person causing the damage and the owner.  
    • Violators of any of the above parking regulations shall have their vehicles towed away or immobilized at their own expense. 
  • Safety
    • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, mopeds, rollerblades or other wheeled objects are not to be ridden on the walkways.  Walk your bikes to the unit.
    • Anyone found tampering with fire equipment or ventilation systems will be subject to criminal charges and/or be liable for repairs, replacement or damages caused to the building or personal property.
    • Every owner, tenant, and guest hereby grants a right of entry to any persons authorized by the General Manager in the event of an emergency originating in or threatening a Unit, whether or not the occupant is present at the time. 
    • No flammable or hazardous materials such as gasoline, kerosene or explosive materials or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property or the presence of which may increase HBR’s hazard or liability insurance premiums shall be stored in Owner storage closets or in Units. 
  • Swimming Pool and Hot Tub
    • Hours are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  
    • Trespassers shall be fined up to $200 and removed from the premises.
    • There are no lifeguards on duty.  
    • Use of pools and hot tub is at your own risk. 
    • A responsible adult must accompany children under 12 when using the pools or hot tub.  
    • Appropriate swimwear is required.  Swim diapers required for children not yet potty trained.  
    • Children under 5 are not permitted in the hot tub at any time.
    • Swimming aids will be allowed in swim areas with adult supervision and should not interfere with other people’s use of the pool.
    • No climbing is allowed on the rocks in the pool or hot tub area.
    • There shall be no running, diving, pushing or spitting in or around pool or hot tub or grounds around the pool.
    • Game playing should not interfere with others use of the pools, create a safely hazard or create noise in the pool area.
    • The general manager has the right to determine if pool conduct is objectionable.
    • Use of the swimming pools and hot tub is limited to occupants of the units at HBR.  A limited number of guest passes may be issued at the front desk.
    • No smoking in or around pools or hot tub area.
    • No glass containers allowed.  All beverages are to be in plastic containers
    • Towels are available at the pool activity center or from the front desk and must be returned before additional towels may be received and no later than at check-out.  Unreturned towels are subject to a charge upon check-out.
  • Infractions against rules shall be punishable in the following manner
    • First offense: written notice shall be given informing the violator of the offense and requesting that they immediately curtail such action
    • Second offense: a second offense is a $150.00 fine and request that they immediately curtail such offense.
    • Third offense: onward incremental increases of fines of up to $1000.00 at the discretion of the General Manager, with a review by the Board of Directors, will be given for each repeated offense until such action is curtailed.


We had an amazing time in unit 6304. Princeville is beautiful and we have heard is the best place to stay on the island. We will definitely return one day in the future to stay at 6304 again.

Mehran from San Diego, CA

600 sq. ft. | Studio Condo | 1 Bath | Sleeps 2

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A luxurious hotel room with full bath and butler's pantry with convenient ammenities such as a bar fridge,  and coffee maker. There is a covered lanai with spectacular views of Hanalei Bay and the surrounding mountains. Perfect for couples who want to explore the North Shore.  Hanalei Bay Resort borders the 2nd and 3rd holes of the magnificent Princeville Makai golf course.

Features & Amenities


  • Ocean View — Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai
  • Mountain View


  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry - Onsite
  • Pool - Shared (2)
  • Hot Tub - Shared
  • Granite Countertops
  • Linens Provided
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap
  • Paper Towels, Tissues, TP
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Parking - $ Fee — Parking is 6 dollars per night paid directly to the resort
  • Parking - Off Street
  • In-room Safe


  • Kitchenette — Bar fridge, coffee maker
  • Cooking Utensils Provided
  • Refrigerator - Bar Size
  • Coffee Maker
  • High Chair


  • King Bed
  • Pack 'n play


  • Internet - Wireless [$ Fee] — Included in the resrot fee paid directly to the resort


  • Restaurant - 1 Min Walk — Happy Talk Lounge
  • Tennis Courts (8) — Newly resurfaced. Peter Burwell academy
  • Exercise Room
  • Surfing - Nearby
  • Golfing Nearby — Princeville Makai Course at back door
  • Beach - 10 Min Walk
  • Snorkeling - 10 Min Walk
  • Stand up paddling nearby


  • Lanai/Balcony — table and 2 chairs
  • BBQ Grill [Gas/Electric] - Shared (3)


  • TV - No HDTV
  • DVD
  • iPod Port
  • Tennis Racquet (2)
  • Boogie Board (2)
  • Beach Chair (2)
  • Beach Towels — provided by resort
  • Cooler - Ice Chest


  • Family-Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Honeymoon Spot
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Smoking Not Allowed


Room Descriptions


  • Take your breath away with one of the best views of Hanalei Bay!
  • Relax on your private lanai
  • Admire the jungle, waterfalls, and rainbows
  • Have a romantic evening watching the suset behind majestic Bali Hai Mountain



  • The private  ceramic tiled lanai has a bar style table and chairs...great for morning coffee or dinner with unobstructed views of Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai sunsets!


Entry Area


Gently sloping steps to seperate entrance



Studio Sleeping Area

  • Spacious, bright studio
  • Air-Conditioning with remote control
  • 25 foot Vaulted ceiling with fan
  • Comfortable King size bed
  • 100% soft cotton sheets
  • Side tables with reading lamps
  • Comfortable seating area with 2 comfy chairs and cocktail table
  • 37" flat screen HD TV wall mounted over storage hutch
  • DVD player HDMI
  • iHome Radio with docking station and alarm
  • Large chest of drawers providing plenty of storage

Studio Sitting Area

  • Two very comfortable chairs with cocktail table, facing TV or Bali Hai view
  • 37" flat screen TV wall mounted over hutch
  • TV tilts to face bed or seating area


  • Convenient butler's pantry with granite counter and cherry cabinets
  • Coffee maker with filters provided
  • Bar refrigerator
  • Stocked flatware, serveware, dish soap, sponge, paper towels, wine glasses, hi ball glasses, corkscrew, ice bucket, cooler bag, boogie boards and beach chairs


  • Newly renovated!
  • Beautiful granite couters and cherry cabinets provide plenty storage
  • Newly tiled shower with sitting bench
  • Tiled floors
  • 100% cotton thick, plush Tommy Bahama towels
  • Macadamia nut shampoo, conditioner and lotion
  • Oatmeal soap
  • Magnifying wall mounted make up mirror



  • This condo location is one of the best on the resort. It is a short walk to the front desk, Happy Talk lounge, tennis courts and both pools as well as the barbeque area.
  • The resort is built on terraced land which provides the lovely views to Hanalei Bay. Being situated on one of the top terraces provides an easy walk (no hills) to amenities as well as a lovely view from the lanai.


  • Approx 450 sq feet of living area in this large studio unit with a vaulted ceiling



Hanalei Bay Resort, 6304

Reviewed by Carolyn

Date 08/23/2018

Condo itself was awesome, incredible view! My only negative comment would be that I didn't feel like the condo was as clean as I thought. There were things left in the shower which made me question if it was cleaned, crumbs on the floor. Also, the ihome didn't work, the batteries were corroded! However, I would stay there again.

Cute simple condo

Reviewed by rebecca

Date 08/13/2018

Condo was clean and worked well for my needs. Nice patio and views. Could be a little cleaner but I'm also a clean freak. Needs new fresh towels.


Reviewed by harry

Date 06/20/2017

We had an amazing vacation. The room had everything we needed and the lanai with that view every morning for coffee was perfect. A/C was much appreciated as it was muggy quite often. The room is situated in a great location for View, close to the beautiful pool, restaurant and an easy walk to the beach. Thank you for having the boogie boards and available items in the closet we used them alot. Wonderful stay, we will be back. Thank you!

Manager Response


We do appreciate hearing from guests and how their stay went.  We are happy you enjoyed your vacation and had everything you needed.  The view is special as well as the location!  We do hope you can come again soon!

Open the damn restraunt

Reviewed by Malcolm

Date 03/22/2017

We love the place, but we have now been promised that the restraint would be open 3 times, and not. We won't return until at least 6 months after the restraint is open. MacDougalls

Manager Response


Thank you for your review for the unit 6304.  Thank you for your comment letting us know that the condo itself is great and that you loved it.  It is a great unit with a great view.  

The lounge/bar is open at the resort which does serve food and is very popular with our guests.  However the restaurant has not been open for years and we are not in control of that because it is individually owned and it is up to the owner as to getting it up and running.  

The resort does have lots of great amenities however to enjoy such as swimming pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, a fitness center, a guest lounge, firepits and seating to watch the sunset and 22 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and of course the location could not be better with amazing views!

There are some great restaurants right next door at the St Regis for breakfast, lunch and dinner also!

Really just perfect

Reviewed by Gwynne

Date 02/26/2017

My husband and I spent 5 days in this condo and I honestly can't find a single complaint about it.

For me, cleanliness of a condo is the biggest priority. This place definitely met my expectations. The furnishings were nice/comfortable and the bedding/sheets were incredibly soft. The view off the balcony is the same as from the St. Regis and we paid a fraction of the cost. You can walk down a path about 7 minutes to the beach and have lunch at the St. Regis if you really want to..:)

The kitchenette is pretty non-existant except for a toaster oven and a mini fridge - so don't expect to be 'making' anything... but the fridge definitely came in handy.

Staff was attentive and polite whenever we encountered them. The on island contact for the condo was incredibly attentive as well.

No complaints about this place. I highly recommend for a couple looking to explore the island during the day and sleep comfortably during the night. I would absolutely stay here again.


Cute Studio with Awesome View

Reviewed by Judy Dussault

Date 12/10/2016

My husband and I stayed in this cute Studio room for three nights. The room had a king bed, beautiful plantation shutters and vaulted ceilings. The lanai looks over Hanalei Bay and the mountains. It came equipped with a microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker, plates and utensils, beach chairs, cooler and tennis racquets. The resort was very pretty with a couple of tennis courts, and a grand pool, swim up bar, hot tub. You have access to a very small beach which is a bit of a strenuous walk to get there but the hotel will pick you up in a golf cart. The bar/restaurant offered an extension selection of draft and the food was very good. The resort is next to the St. Regis Hotel, but a car is needed to get to other restaurants. I would recommend this Studio and resort.

Manager Response


Thank you for your review and taking the time to give good feedback for the unit 6304 at the Hanalei Bay Resort.  We are so glad that you enjoyed everything about this unit and the resort and would recommend  it to others.  We hope you can come back again.

Great experience

Reviewed by Jomi

Date 12/01/2016

Clean, beautiful view and services. Would definitely stay again!

Nice Condo

Reviewed by Colleen

Date 10/20/2016

We stayed in condo 6304 from 10/4-10/6. It has an awesome view. I am normally not one to mention any negatives, but I would have to say that if this were my condo and I was renting it out, that I would have been very disappointed in the cleanliness of the condo. The furniture was dusty, the floor in areas didn't look like it had been swept. There was a lot of gecko poo on the walls. We found a cup under the bed. I just feel like I needed to bring this up. Apparently the air condition unit was not working property as we were told a repair person would be coming in. We didn't feel the need to use the air, so hadn't turned it on. After the repair person was there we decided to turn it on to see it the "noise" was fixed. Then the unit would not manually turn off. It actually started dripping water on the floor and we had to call housekeeping to get towels to wipe the floor up. We had to turn the unit off ourselves. Again, I am just stating all of this as I would be disappointed if I were paying someone to clean the unit and it wasn't being cleaned like I feel it should be. These condos aren't cheap to stay in, and you have to pay a cleaning fee. After we left Hanalei Bay Resort, we stayed 6 nights on the southshore at Kiahuna Plantations. The condo we stayed in was immaculate!!!

Manager Response


We do appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Thank you for mentioning the incredible view!  We understand that you did not feel the unit was as clean as you had hoped.  If you would have called us right away we could have come to see what you might have had issues with and taken care of them  immediately. However since you did not let us know until after your stay, we cannot remedy any possible concerns.  Our housecleaners do dust and swept the units as well as many other task with each clean.  

Geckos are part of island living but they do come with some maintenance.  Upon your review, we did send a housecleaner and did look for any evidence the geckos had left behind.  She did find one area high on the vaulted wall and did manage to reach it to take care of it.

On the day of your arrival the housecleaner had noticed that the air conditioner was making a funny noise. Therefore we wanted to make sure the air conditioner was functioning properly and did call the serviceman.  We have found with most of our guests that the air conditioner no matter the weather is always a desired element.  We understand that it was not a concern of your and do apoligize that the serviceman left the air conditioner running but he most likely thought also you would want it on.

Thank you again for your review.  This unit typically does get top review and it is a great upgraded condo with amazing views!


Reviewed by Jan

Date 02/15/2016

Beautiful view from the very comfy condo, peaceful resort and close to Hanalei! Wonderful

Great price for a resort style stay

Reviewed by Hillary

Date 02/08/2016

We enjoyed this condo, the decor was great and the bed super comfy. We didn't like having to order a golf cart to pick us up all the time but it's a nice convenience if you don't want to walk or its pouring rain. Staff is very friendly and helpful also. Bring earplugs, the roosters in this area are pure evil.

Honeymoon Week

Reviewed by Melissa

Date 01/11/2016

WOW! 6304 was absolutely amazing. The view for starters OMG! You wake up to see the sun rising against the mountains overlooking Hanalei Bay for a fraction of the cost of a room at neighboring St Regis. We sat on our lanai each morning with coffee and breakfast. No need to really eat out often- there's a toaster oven , fridge and microwave all within the room! The decor was beachy and not too overdone. The bed was super comfortable. The grounds kept immaculate. The path to the beach was simple The pool and hot tub such a bonus. We would recommend HBR and specifically 6304 to our friends and family for sure.

Amazing view and great condo!

Reviewed by Mehran

Date 01/04/2016

We had an amazing time in unit 6304. Princeville is beautiful and we have heard is the best place to stay on the island. We will definitely return one day in the future to stay at 6304 again.

Absolutely perfect

Reviewed by Jason

Date 12/12/2015

My wife and I stayed here for half of our honeymoon and it was perfect. The room was great, staff was great, and the view was even better. We were a little bummed that the restaurant and bar weren't open yet, but we did just fine going to local restaurants and grocery stores. Our condo key had a foodland customer card on the key chain that saved us a good chunk of change. Overall, it was a great experience!

Manager Response


Thank you for the great review for unit 6303 at the Hanalei Bay Resort. This unit has extensively been upgraded and the owners have taken special care to make it perfect.  The views are extraordinary and are what memories are made of!  We are so glad to hear you have a wonderful experience and do hope you can come again soon! 

Although it is out of our control, we are hoping that sometime this next year the restaurant and the lounge which has been so loved in the past will once again be open.

Beautiful Place, Beautiful View

Reviewed by Kari and Brett

Date 10/08/2015

My wife and I had a fantastic stay here. The room is beautiful with many little touches that make you feel right at home. I'm a tall guy 6'6 so I loved the high ceilings and the massive shower with detachable shower head. Never once did I feel like the room was too small. The view off the lanai is simply stunning! A great place for your morning coffee and lunch. I liked the giant TV that swiveled from the seating area to the bed and was able to play my music through their iphone hookup (you will need an adapter for a thunderbolt cable) I liked their choice of room art as well, very beachy/surfer/hawaiian. The resort itself is very well kept and the staff are extremely friendly. The upper pool has a little beach with real sand attached to it that is very cool. We rented surf boards and stand-up paddle boards. When you check-in at the front desk they give you the low-down on everything and we were never once confused at where to go to get anything that we needed. I HIGHLY recommend staying here if you are looking for a romantic getaway.

Manager Response


Thank you so much for taking the time to send your review for the unit 6304 at the Hanalei Bay Resort.  This is an exceptional unit with incredible views and we are glad that you did enjoy it.  We do try to add extra touches to make our guest feel comfortable and accommodated.  The resort is in a perfect location and has lots of great amenities.  We do hope you can come again!

Great Price, Great Location, Great EVERYTHING!

Reviewed by Brittany F

Date 03/30/2015

This was my first trip to Kauai with my husband and we had the best first experience. Ever. We rented #6304 and the unit looked exactly like the pictures. Super clean, great view of bay. We were definitely impressed. Plus, the price point can't be beat. Especially since lots of places around that area were way more money. The property itself was clean. The staff was super friendly. Even called us after we had been there for a night to see if we needed anything (recommendations, etc.). I would recommend this property to anyone that was looking for a clean, quiet (minus roosters, but they are everywhere) place that is super affordable. Once they get the bar/restaurant open it will be a gold mine! But Hanalei town is a short drive (or shuttle ride) away with tons of eating options. Plus, you can take path down to St. Regis and eat/drink there. The beach is also a must to see. You feel like you have a private beach. Super clear water!

Tropical Paradise

Reviewed by Christina G

Date 09/17/2014

My husband and I stayed in 6304 and absolutely loved it! The view is perfect and we enjoyed breakfast every morning on the patio watching the birds and looking out at the water. The condo came complete with tennis rackets, beach coolers, beach chairs and boogie boards. We had so much fun here and the pool was amazing. We went to the sandy bottom hot tub every night and it only took a second to get there. We didn't want to leave and we would definitely love to stay there again, highly recommend! -Christina & Jason :)

Manager Response


Thank you so much for your review of the unit 6304 at the Hanalei Bay Resort. We are very happy to hear you enjoyed your stay and were well pleased with the accommodations. We do try to supply beach equipment so that renting it is not necessary and more convenient for our guests. We hope that we will see you again in your next stay in Kauai. Mahalo for your business.

Nice studio with an incredible view

Reviewed by ShannonSlgeek

Date 08/26/2014

The complex has a great pool, nicely landscaped. It's a long walk to the beach but they do offer rides in their golf carts. The unit comes with everything you would need for the beach including coolers and tennis rackets. The restaurants were under renovation while we were there but overall nice complex and reasonably priced

Wonderful condo! Modern and compact.

Reviewed by Marty

Date 08/08/2013

Had a great stay. Bedding was heavenly and decor was fabulous. Perfect for two people.

Great apartment, great stay

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 08/05/2013

We stayed here for 4 nights before moving to the South shore but wish we had stayed here for the whole time we were in Kaua'i. The apartment was very clean, perfectly located, tastefully decorated, exceptionally comfortable and had a great view. The room actually looked better in person than in the photos!

Although we had read some reviews describing the kitchen facilities as limited they were more than enough for us. Plus, with the money we saved staying here we were able to eat out often - something we prefer to do while on holiday. With so many great restaurants close by we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We look forward to staying here again in the very near future and would recommend the condo any individual or a couple looking for a fantastic hotel-like room in paradise.

Comfortable with great view

Reviewed by Murray

Date 02/17/2013

Only stayed two nights. The kitchenette may prove a little small for a longer stay. Everything was clean and functional (except for dead remote control batteries) and the bed was very comfortable. We slept very well which maters a lot! Nice decor. The view is great - I was able to take zoomed photos of guys surfing in Hanalei Bay! Nice resort in a good position. Only a short walk to carpark. It's like a hotel room, really - you would need more space for a longer stay IMO but value is better for more nights with the steep cleaning fee. Would stay again.

Amazing view of Hanalei Bay.

Reviewed by Pete

Date 12/17/2012

Everything about this Condo was top notch. It started with complimentary coffee in the lobby while checking in, then the bellman helping us get our luggage to the unit. The unit itself was spectacular with an amazing view of the bay. The beach was amazing for snorkelling. The shops in Princeville were easy to find. The only thing we didn't like was that we had to leave.

Simply the Best! Wonderful accommodations and incredible view!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 11/23/2012

Check in was perfect-the staff showed the true aloha Spirit. The room was huge, very clean and the kitchenette was perfect. The view from 6304 is over-the-top! Ideal location-spent my time at Hanalei Bay and Kee Beach. Wow! And...The local beach is gorgeous; the pool and jacuzzi were ideal. Seems I can't say enough about 6403 and The Hanalei Bay Resort. Stay again? No doubt about it! I am a Concierge at a hotel in the Napa Valley-I appreciate perfection!

Perfect For The Couple On The Go

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 10/20/2012

Outstanding!! This quaint one bedroom/one bathroom condo is perfectly designed to welcome any visitor with the feeling of "Aloha". The condo is designed for a great place to rest and restore in between the many near-by adventures. The full view of Hanalei Bay from the bed or the lanai is amazing! This was a celebration of our 30 year wedding anniversary and if we had to do it all over again, we would take the exact same vacation and stay in the exact same place. Thank you for playing a role in a lifetime of memories...Btw: We were so impressed, we purchased two time-shares ourselves. I know this means we will not be staying at your condo anymore, but maybe we will see around the complex. Aloha!!

Sit back and enjoy the view.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 10/08/2012

-Probably one of the better balcony views at HBR. If you sit right on the right side with the pillar then you see less of the non-nature structures.-Easy access to pool, hot tub, tennis courts and lobby without noise concerns-Quiet area, but voices travel and if the waves are right so does the sound of the ocean which is always pleasant. Roosters crow at will so avoid feeding them and their friends.-Room was clean and simple with comfortable bedding and spacious bedding, shower and sitting area. Makes one wander if somehow it could all be reconfigured to allow it to be more spacious and functional overall. -Enjoyed the quality and fragrance of soap and lotions. -Liked the continue of the aloha spirit in that past guests left non-perishable items in fridge though I left for next guests.

Somethings to make the next guest experience better: -More trashbags that fit given can to help support the bug free environment-Some oil or something on the door hinge (squeaks loudly last few inches of closing)-if possible then sound proofing between connecting doors when not in use-Hot Plate with pot and pan and utensils for such-A little less light at night-and Finally which might be of a more costly effort is to reconfigure door for closet so that it does not interfere with access to kitchenette area.

Great room - Excellent Value

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 03/11/2012

The view was great, we enjoyed eating our lunch on the private lanai - looking out at the waves pounding the far side of the bay.

The room was clean, the bed was comfortable, the mini-kitchenette was sufficient.

All in all, my wife and I really enjoyed our stay here. We'd definitely come back.

I highly recommend it. It was close to the St. Regis beach, a short 5-10 minute walk - and it's much cheaper.

Perfect Vacation

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 11/07/2011

So happy we choose Hanalei Bay Resort. The location, grounds, pool, view, tennis courts, etc. were all beyond our expectation. Our stay at condo #6304 was fabulous. The condo was well appointed and was exactly as it looked in the photos, but even bigger due to the vaulted ceilings. My favorite moments in this condo was sitting on the belcony eating breakfast and enjoying one of the best views on the island! We can't wait to go back!!


Reviewed by Luciana

Date 06/08/2011

Me and my Husband had a great time at the unit 6304, the room was clean and comfort and the views of the bay was just amazing.

limitations not understood

Reviewed by limitations

Date 05/17/2011

1. View was terrific; we chose it for that2. We knew there was no kitchen, but expected a little more:a. no counter or clean up space except in the bathroomb. no table space except on deckWe have had "studios" with mini-kitchens which were more complete.3. We found a way to live with it; and were comfortable.

Loved it!

Reviewed by Bali Hai Views

Date 04/13/2011

This was a great unit to rent for the week! What you see in the pictures is what you get, meaning fresh, clean, contemporary furniture and that amazing view! It's a great location within the resort - close to the pool, beach path, front desk, tennis. The unit had everything that we needed plus nice surprises like beach chairs and a cooler bag to take along. Mahalo!

Absolutely fantastic!!!


Date 04/10/2011

We couldn't have been happier with our choice to stay Hanalei Bay Resorts! The condo, views, location, pools, hot tub, grounds and service were great! We loved being able to grill the fresh fish we purchased along side the road. We'll be back!!

very nice condo...clean and comfy

Reviewed by Danny

Date 03/07/2011

This was a very nice unit. We have been to Hawaii several times and this was the cleanest place we have ever stayed. The layout was nice and it was overall a very comfortable place. my only complaint is that you have to pay for wireless internet and the signal was not the best. The resort is close to Foodland for groceries and dvd rentals. There are places to eat in the are too so you dont have to drive to far. One evening we arrived at the condo to find a shopping bag loaded with goodies. It had some great candy, cookies and other neat little items. Very nice little gift. All this at a great price. Mahalo

Very nice and clean condo!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 09/18/2010

Centrally located, it is near the saltwater pool and the tennis courts. The condo was very nice and clean and it has amazing views to Hanalei Bay.

Convenient to North Shore attractions

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 06/12/2010

This was a very nice place to stay. I wasn't impressed with the detailed rules and regulations. It was a bit overkill.

Hanalei Bay Condo 6304

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 04/25/2010

The condo was exactly like the pictures. The view was very impressive and for studio it was perfect for two. The bed was so comfortable it was hard walking up and the decorations were good also. My only complaint was that the Happy Talk Lounge was closed, since I'm a jazz music lover. I hope they reopen the lounge, because the Resort felt a little too quiet. Other than that, it was great, especially the price.

Great View!

Reviewed by Cyfi5683

Date 04/09/2010

Clean Apartment, wonderful accessibility to the north & east shores. Wonderful pool & jacuzzi.

Downfalls- no restaurant or food on site except for small snacks at a Sundry store; no internet access.

Overall good ,exellent view of bay and ocean.

Reviewed by John Berresheim

Date 02/13/2010

I would have rated it exellent if there were

table and chairs inside other than the ones on

the balcony.

Way better than average VIEW for that price.

Thanks john

Nice little place!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 10/30/2009

The room was nice and clean. Recently updated. We had some ants in the bathroom but nothing too annoying. Also, there was a gecko or lizard of some sort living inside. We saw him and once or twice. The bed was comfortable. And the view of the lanai was nice. The resort is in a nice location. It is a little hard to get in and out of. And it a 5 minute drive from Hanalei. The beach is short walk down the hill. And it was pretty decent, and fairly quiet. The pool and hot tub are very nice. Best pool that we had out of the 3 places we stayed on Kauai. We got a fall price on the room which was very nice. I still do not understand this business of an out clean fee!!! I think it is the biggest rip off on the island. What hotel do you stay at where they charge you for cleaning the room when you leave?! Isn't that supposed to be part of the rental fee?! Seems like a nice little scam to get some extra money. When I shopped for rooms in that area, almost everybody had that, so good luck getting out of it.

Unit 6304

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 09/17/2009

Very pleasant stay overall. 6304 was terrific for my wife and me. Very clean and great view. My only issues were with the Hanalei Bay Resort itself. The concierge staff was very short with us, seemed distracted, and then only wanted to upsell us a timeshare pitch meeting. Lame. Still, a very nice experience.



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